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Cycle some maps


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Why dont we bring some old maps back to 3D ?

By exmaple

pra6 ak stab
and others maps ?

Like this some maps ? i thinks its a nice idea but what do you think about it guys ? we have 2 inf map 1 stunned and a other but we can cycle it,for some others old maps ?

Maybe is it nice to get some old maps back ?

Its only an idea ! i like if you respons on it its not a must ofcourse ! make it a discussion :)

Greetzzz Patron aka Roelof !
Ps i like you all <3


also put that one map where u cant touch the ground and if u do u get teleported to a place where there is a trashcan burning


In reality staff team are open to maps made by yourself or others, if it fits we can add it, so feel free to make maps and pm staff about it, we won't say no to a trial map.


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I like those maps but I hate to edit maps because it needs big eggs and I haven't I lost it, cause of egy jokes :( Lel


I think he mean about the olds map that 3d was have it like the stab map also the oldest maps with those teleport
it was about 2016 maps