Creating an out of bounds areas when server drops lower amount of players

To cut off certain areas of your map when the server drops below a certain amount of players to make the map smaller and perhaps more interesting with less players.

The below is used on shop8 as an example to understand how it works and how you can apply it elsewhere. 

Model number 12 is the killbox for when you fall over the side into nothing.

Model numbers 13,14,15,16,17 are the roofs down below which by default are set to kill on impact.

Min_players set it to the amount of players you want the map locked off before it enables access to the other rooftops. Example if one player joins all roofs below will kill, when 4 players are in the server the bottom area opens up for extra access.

Wait (Amount of seconds it takes to open and close (gives people ample time to get out if server drops below 4 pax.

}{"classname" "nolower""origin" "0 0 -2528""auto" "yes"                              //no lower controls"wait" "10""team" "all""min_players" "4"}{"model" "*12""classname" "trigger_hurt""spawnflags" "12"                             // killbox bottom of map *always kills"dmg" "900""mins" "-17929 1527 -2529""maxs" "-4087 11273 -2391"}{"model" "*13""classname" "trigger_hurt""spawnflags" "12""dmg" "900"                                             //roofs outside of initial map shop8"mins" "-13201 6799 -865""maxs" "-11695 7473 -767""target" "nolower"}{"model" "*14""classname" "trigger_hurt""spawnflags" "12""dmg" "900"                                                 //roofs outside of initial map shop8"mins" "-10577 5743 -865""maxs" "-8687 7457 -831""target" "nolower"}{"model" "*15""classname" "trigger_hurt""spawnflags" "12""dmg" "900"                                            //roofs outside of initial map shop8"mins" "-13201 4159 -865""maxs" "-11663 6257 -751""target" "nolower"}{"model" "*16""classname" "trigger_hurt""spawnflags" "12"                                                 //roofs outside of initial map shop8"dmg" "900""mins" "-11665 4687 -1249""maxs" "-9071 6257 -1135""target" "nolower"}{"model" "*17""classname" "trigger_hurt""spawnflags" "12"                                                 //roofs outside of initial map shop8"dmg" "900""mins" "-11665 5439 -593""maxs" "-10607 6081 -447""target" "nolower"}{
u can even use no middle etc..

i once tried this with the train map, use bridge models to rs people when you are in the closed area. i quited because i think it was too much work or people got stuck in the model.

good times
:eek: pretty nice
but isn't there an alternative for that? (not sure about code but i have the concept) ill try explaining

so first you set a info_notnull with "mins" & "maxs" where you want the area and give it a key of a trigger_hurt
give it a targetname and make a trigger that targets it (as u used noroof) which will have an activation with min_players or max_players
would probably look something like this (not tested though):

"classname" "info_notnull"
"use" "trigger_hurt"
"dmg" "900"
"origin" "0 0 0"
"mins" "-100 -100 -100"
"maxs" "100 100 100"
"targetname" "hurt1"

"classname" "noroof"
"origin" "0 5 9999"
"min_players" "10"
"target" "hurt1"

not sure if thats possible, im guessing it might be because in q3 im pretty sure it is and both games are on id tech3 engine
ill try testing later maybe, if anyone knows the correct way feel free to correct me I might have messed up the code a bit... didnt play in a long time