I know that everyone knows that I am hated in server, but I modified my character a long time ago and I love the good for everyone and I know that many do not like me but in any case I will do this(P)
name khaled
age: 19.5
country: egypt
sof2 information;:
name sof : crapt
when did you start sof2: 2012

how long do you average play in the Server : everyday 15hours

past clans: savages italy ; Gs

why do you want to join us?: i want help everyone i know full rules and i just want to test. i promise you will not regret. im oldtest person in the game i just want help and join i will follow all rules I was one of the officials, but I left the sof2 a long time ago and I came back and I want to join again. I know all the rules and I do not want to harm anyone I want chance only I don't want to problem with anyone, I just want to implement the rules

why should we let you join: because i know the rules and help everyone and i will be open 12 10 hours eveyday

Fairplay.~ c388f

Thx for watching my application