cK @ apply


Personal information:

Sof information:
Current Sof name: cK
Old Sof name Hassan

When did you started to play Sof? The game started from 2015 and was played in a 3D server forever.

When did you became active in 3D? When did you become active in 3D? I am always active because I love this server and also when I saw that I do the app became more active in the server.
Were you admin in any other H&S server before? Of course yes, admin I was in the server Aziz Ali my heart 3D # Hide & Seek` I was a member.

Why should we let you join?The first is the selection of officials, but I want to be with friends on the server again, I want to let the error I have committed before. If you allow me, this is a great value for me and I have not forgotten it forever, because 3D is the best clan in sof2 and they have good members who loved the maps for 3D, and their team looks like a family that understands the game I'm already playing. I want to try and join the team. I promise you this time I'll follow the rules. It is written in full application because I miss my friends on the server and something else, because server # 3D Hide & Seek is the best server in this game because they have good supervisors who respect the rules in the server and because people are three dimensions. The dimensions control everything in the server. I respect every person who wants to apply in the application and everything but not so much, and because I also saw everyone who comes out of his other hobbies to get in with friends on the server in three-dimensional images because he has good rules and does not violate anyone and everyone controls the rules I saw Over the past 3D years, everyone loves Hazar with the officials, and this is very cool to have in the server everyone's love for some so do not collide between some bad, the server does not want to eject any of them because of the rules because the server has, and because the server has its own players history Game, so in the end I would say to everyone, I will be a good supervisor And follow the rules and I will not be so and I will help everyone in anything they want.

Do you think there is anything we can improve? If so, how can we improve it? Of course yes, improve, plan to increase players in the server if that happens, I think everything will be good :N

Additional information:-
I would like to say that this server is the best in the game because it is respectable men and we will elevate this server to its highest place. It is spoken by all the people in other countries. I hope that everyone will be happy :)


3D# Veteran
You literally started playing in the server since yesterday, Spend some time there before thinking 'bout making an application.


el papito
Staff member
Your account was made yesterday, your first seen on server as well, be active in server and reapply after one month.