Cinematic Videos


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Hi, Ladies!

Today I have something interesting, Maybe some people were looking for it.
It's a client mod for sof2 that literally provides you punch of options to make awesome montage/cinematic recordings..
Here's an example: (Sorry for da bad quality)

Took ages to upload :(
Anyways, Feel free to tell me if you want the download link.



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Looks dope, not sure if people still make sof2 vids anymore these days tho. (they probably do but it's in camal quality so eh)
Well, I could make it 1080p but my internet is slow as turtles, will take ages! 21 sec video took about 15 mins, what about 50MB?
you took ages to upload 21 sec video :eek: lol

you used demo ?
Yes, It is a demo and you edit it with the mod