boruto apply for savages italy

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Personal information:
Name: Mohamed Kiito
Age: 20
Country: Egypt

Sof information:
Sof name: 3D # boruto` or boruto
When did you start to play?: Started in 2009
How long do you average play in the server? daily i playing 2-3 hours and if i see palyers in the server i entered the game
Past clans: 3D and kMz
Why do you want to join us?: because i love this server and i playing in the server daily but last days i have error on my pc and i want take my pass in the server
Why should we let you join?: because my friends in the server have a rank and i stay active and i good player playing with KingMoonZ fairplay and sometime playing with normal fairplay
FP guide: 713ac and kingmoonz anticheat 713ac


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I'm sorry but italy has been dead for some months now, along with this clan, so there's no point recruiting new members.
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