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I know I know, I no longer edit maps or interested in anything related, But sharing is caring, So, why not? I decided to share this "trick" which I used in the past to save my time while editing maps.
Anyone who tried to edit a map knows that if we took the viewpos coordinates and put it directly in the "origin" of the object/model without any edits on it the object would spawn in the air, Which became a popular problem that editors encounter these days. So here's a little tutorial to get the right viewpos coordinates to make the object spawn in the ground as desired..
Here's a quick comparison between the "crouching trick" I introduced and the usual way (without crouching):
Such a big difference, Isn't it?
Okay here's a video that explains how to use that "trick":

Splash. :)
it definitly helps for some models thx for sharing
from my experience though, some models are made uncentered from scratch so it doesnt really matter
especially if you are talking about a map pre-created object

good to hear from you :)
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