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First of all, Few days and I start exams, means I'll be active again and make maps.. :)  

Yesterday, I joined minecraft and played a gametype called "BatteryDASH" It's so similiar to CTF, It was awesome, I thought about if @BoeMan can implement it. :D  

So, There's 2 teams, Each team has a %0 (low)battery, In the middle of map there's a circle with a lot of chargers, And you're supposed to collect them and drop them on your team's battery, You gain like %5, First team gets %100 wins.


2 Teams, Every team has a circle or square at their spawn base to drop chargers(nades) on it

In the middle of map a big circle or square with dropped nades(chargers) on floor

You can only collect 10 nades(chargers)

All players only have knife and just one nade(charger), and cannot damage others.

10 nades(chargers) = %5

You're supposed to collect 10 nades, go to your base, and drop them. Your team gets %5

Your team's status shown on scoreboard instead of score, for (ex. 5) means your team got %5...

If you like the idea, vote on the poll with yes or no, and gimme your opinion, If @BoeMan Accepted it, I'll make a map
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