bAriza @ join

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Personal information:


Sof information:

Sof name:bAr1za:)

When did you start to play?:2008

How long do you average play in the server? (daily):3-5

Past clans:3D

Why do you want to join us?:I'm not saying the same as others said i have joined in this server when it opened I apologize for what happened to me in this server Frankly every time I make an application I say I want a last chance and made a mistake But this time I feel remorse and shame
I am honest as I say this time I want a last chance and I want everyone to believe me frankly this server has a good members and a good leaders and a i want to join to this family again

Why should we let you join?:the first that's your opinion but im good editor and know all rules and im really want to last chance to prove my self and im maybe active but i know im working but i will be active

1fx. Anticheat GUID:

Gametracker profile:
Not open for further replies.