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Personal infomation:

Name: Z3yad

Age: 14

Sof2 Information

Current Sof2 Name: .ム'

Old Sof2 Name(s): I Don't Have Old Name

Gametracker profile:https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/'

Fairplay Guid: Fp + Guid 1923e

When Did You Started To Play Sof2? 2017

When Did You Became active in 3D? Three Week

Were You Admin in any Other H&S Server Before? TP

Why Should we let You Join?
Because I admire the server and I love the rules in this server and all the supervisors respect this rules well and I want to join here again and God willing I will be with you friends

Do You Think There is Anything That we could improve? Nothing

Additional Information: None
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