Arcsz apply

Personal information:
Name: Lenny

Age: 21

Sof information:
Current Sof name: arcsz

Old Sof name(s): naixx

Fairplay Guid: can't run it properly as it keeps crashing whenever I 999. I have always ran fp in all the years that I've played. Will to to get it fixed as sokn as possible

General information:
When did you started to play Sof? About 2010 but quit a couple of years ago and just played on and off.

When did you became active in 3D? I only started playing again recently due to quarantine but I have been playing almost every day.

Were you admin in any other H&S server before? Yeah aT back in the days

Do you know persons in-real that play SOF2? No not many aussies that play anymore

Do you play from home? Yes

Why should we let you join? There aren't too many admins on when I play as I live in Australia. It gets frustrating sometimes for both me and the other players when there to no admin to do their job so by recruiting me who has a couple years of admin experience will take care of any problems in the server whether itd be hackers, teamers or just afks.

Do you think there is anything that we could improve? Theres not really anything to improve on, everybody in the server is usually happy and having fun.


3D# General
Staff member

Your poll has ended and has returned a positive result : you are accepted as trial.
We will observe you and your admin usage in the coming days/weeks to determine if you're worth being a 3D#Member.
If you have any question about anything, feel free to ask Staff/Members here or in-game about it :)

You can ask for your powers to a Staff member in-game and your forum status will shortly be updated.

Goodluck !