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Personal information:
Name: Balázs
Age: 23
Country: Hungary

Sof information:
Sof name: pyrex (p y r e x)
When did you start to play?: Started like 2008, stopped 2014 (cuz my game died one day to another..)
How long do you average play in the server? (daily): 2-3 hours, depends on how many work do I have :D (Im playing from home, and if I dont have any work to do, I'll play from work lol)
Past clans: Dont really remember much, I was in 3D, S4A, and YOB
Why do you want to join us?: I want to bring back the good old times playing CTF italy :)
Why should we let you join?: Playin' a lot, hate cheaters, wanted to make THOSE good old times back to ban ALL the cheaters from this server :)
FP guide: c980f (only at work, cant install at all this shitty home setup)