Application for savages

Why hello there, my name is Aaron, also know as breaxz. I'm 18 years old and I life in the Netherlands.

Soldiers of Fortune information:

I believe I started playing around 2007/2008. I started of on Deathmatch, playing on a server where my dad was staff, he got me into this game pretty much. After a short while I started looking for other gamemodes that seemed fun, so I tried out CTF. I loved the italy map from the start, this was when you were able to walk on roofs etc. Later on I moved to H&S and INF, but kept on playing CTF for as long as I can remember.

I honestly can't remember any of the CTF clans I was in, I have been in a few inf and hns clans ofcourse, like 3D, Zh, DsR etc.

I play CTF whenever I feel like it, there are rarely people online these days, but when I can find some people to play with I'll grab my chance.

I'd like to join savages because quite a few of my friends are in it, I like the pace of the server and the people who play on it. The staff seems really nice and loyal to the rules. Not a bad thing about it.

The reason you should let me join is that I'm active, I try to logg on every day for a couple of hourse, I always respect the rules and try not to make too many mistakes.

I always try to run Fairplay, 90% of the time it works and if not I'll switch to AC. My guide is: 2c5e4.

That's everything I've got to tell, thanks alot for your time and I'll wait patiently for your reply.
But you can't remember ANY CTF clan u have been in?

Also u mentioned u have alot of Savage friends ... who are they?
I know I joined a few clans when I started playing CTF, but that was like 6/7 years ago, after that I didn't really bother anymore just played for fun. And yeah Skull and Chrome both count for 10 <3