abdulla app

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Personal information:
Name: abdulla
Country: egypt
SoF2 information:
Current SoF2 name: abdulla
Old SoF2 name(s): none
General information:
When did you start to play SoF2? 2017
When did you become active in 3D? 2018
Were you admin in any other H&S server before? At
Do you know persons in real life that play SoF2? yes. sure
Do you play from home? yes
Why should we let you join? becouse me active here and me love the server and me konw all rules .. and me old here . me konw all here and me can speak english not Excellent but good and me some time use translation and me not use wh never ................
Do you think there is anything we could improve? yes . im hope old maps back again ..
Additional information: me not use translation here



I think you guys dont need to say bad luck just say not thing or dont comment or quote or anything except hoping for him good luck i think you embarrass him when you hope for him like this thing
its my own opinion
Not open for further replies.