3D# Server Rules

  • General offences:
- No impersonating other players.
- No DDOS'ing

  • Language offences:
- Be respectful and civil towards your fellow players
- No hate speech.
- No disruptive arguments/discussions.
- No spam or advertising. Spam includes a high volume of repeated sounds entered into chat.
- No asking for admin.

Offences against these rules will result in a mute.

  • Gamebreaking offences:
- No cheating
- No blocking
- No teaming. This also includes giving away hider spots via admin chat as a spectator.
- Max FPS 200
- Only for seekers: ping < 250
- You are not allowed to join the seekers if you have knowledge of hider spots due to spectating.
- Snap 50 and rate 25000 is highly recommended
- Boosting higher than allowed to.
  Seekercount: How can I know where I'm allowed to stand with the amount of seekers that are in game ?
  Only when the amount of in-game seekers are able to reach your place, without useage of any nades and MM1, you are allowed to boost yourself to that spot.

If you have doubts or questions, feel free to comment them below !
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