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Since I'm back from inactivity and going to work on the facebook page again. In this thread I will be notifying you(3D# Members) about the newest/recently published posts, To make sure that you won't miss anything!

First of all, These are all the posts I've published so far:

Also here are some statistics since I became in charge of the page on Oct 11, 2018!

Followers: Before: 277 Now: 295 (+18)
Likes on posts: Before: 2-3 Likes/1 Post Minimum Now: 4-6 Minimum Likes/1 Post

Finally, If you have any suggestions about a post or for the page, Feel free to tell me it in a pm!

Splash :)
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3D# Facebook Expert
When can we expect an update?
Well, I'll be publishing at least 3 posts during this week, And 1 of them is so special and unique just as a compensation for the time I spent away from the page. I'll keep this sequence(3 posts every week) until 31/1 because I'll start studying but that doesn't mean that I will not be publishing any posts. I'll just lower the number of posts every week to 1 post(or 2 if possible)/week.

Life gets to us sometimes, but this is a job that requires weekly activity, if real life things get in the way thats understandable, but then we need to find someone else to do the job or someone extra to help out
Actually while my inactivity period, The inactivity wasn't due to some real life stuff, I was just a dickhead playing some other game but I found it boring after a few tries which means I'm going to focus on SoF2. This time I completely promise that I understand that it(the fb page) requires weekly activity, therefore, I'll put all o' my effort on the page/forums. :)