1fx. Mod updates

You mean like Rocmod 2.1c has when the client does not have rocmod 2.1c.

It'll either spam saying you do not have Rocmod 2.1c, or it'll say you have an outdated version or older version of rocmod.

That would be an idea to do,
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The classname seeker function doesnt work optimal. If i want 16 seekers and 16 hiders with eventeams, it works with eventeams in the beginning. But if people connect (for example 4) , they cant join seekers because the team is full. Even if there are 16 hiders and 10 seekers..
Well, is it possible to do something like a Minimum Rate, and if they have their rate set below a certain amount, they'll get kicked by the server.

Or does that require a client side version too?
Nah probs mod can check the rate value, kicking would be gay tho.
Yeah, checking the client their rate isn't an issue, it's also implemented when you /stats someone. What I could do is broadcast a message to players that fall below a certain limit, and spam it every x secs. I've had this idea for snaps too, since 3D maintains a sv_fps of 30, which requires the clients to put their snaps to at least 30.
I finally got around to doing that today, the message is included now. Especially useful for 3D server, since you guys set sv_fps to 30 afaik.

The message is broadcast every two minutes. The minimum rate is defined by a new CVAR, g_minRate. The snaps is determined by the server sv_fps value.

I will take a look at the H&S/H&Z issues reported later on. At the moment I only really have a solid Gold development environment, so it will follow later on.
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Hi all!

It's been a while, since I'm also working on other SoF2 stuff, but I finally managed to finish the new voice chat system in 1fx. Mod.

Key features
The new system goes by the name of the MVCHAT sound system, where MVCHAT stands for: Multilingual Voice Chat.

The new MVCHAT sound system supports the following (in a nutshell, let me elaborate on it a little later on):
  • 1-999 sound tokens, extending the previous token limit of 200 greatly.
  • Support multiple languages per sound token, namely:
    • English (en)
    • Spanish (es)
    • Chinese (cn)
    • German (de)
    • Russian (ru)
  • Support gender sounds per sound token language.
  • Auto-select male/female sound dependent on skin or force gender when explicitly set.
  • Customizable default language per sound token.
  • Customizable "NEXT" sound (#n chat token).

More in-depth information: http://1fx.uk.to/forums/index.php?/topic/2299-082-new-voice-chat-system/

I already prepared the server for the upgrade, which will probably happen this night. If you notice anything funky, let me know.

Hope you guys like the addition. Have fun!
You're welcome. :)

The build of today failed for Linux v1.00 by the way, something which I've already fixed. The update should take place this night (around 3 AM UTC), so tomorrow you can test it out on 3D H&S/1fx. Inf.