1fx. Mod updates

I figured a new topic for all changes is best, since development doesn't really focus on zombies anymore.

Anyway, I just finalized 0.77t.2-pre, which I uploaded to my test server. Janno will (hopefully) update the other servers soon.


  • Added verbose output of which master servers are being used in the Windows build.
  • Added message stating how long the memory patches take to apply.
  • Added that g_publicIPs can now be set to the desired Admin level that's allowed to view them. The classic behaviour of 1 to enable for all and 0 to disable for all remains.
  • Added CR prefix when taking the briefcase in caserun.
  • Changed auto eventeams in Hide&Seek: it's closer to the seeker release point now in order to minimize abuse.
  • Changed g_failedVoteDelay default from 1 to 0.
  • Changed that the vote caller automatically voted yes.
  • Fixed DoS patch taking an extra second to reply after a flood, resulting in services like Gametracker sometimes not working properly.
  • Fixed server info returning wrong score (returned the score of the player you spectated). This used to break services like Gametracker.
  • Fixed no global broadcasts during pause (such as Admin commands).
  • Fixed the lock command not producing a sound.
  • Fixed g_preferSubnets not working at all for Admin members and Clan members.
  • Fixed !pm not working when trying to talk to an Admin.
  • Fixed g_callvote 1 not resulting in that everybody is allowed to vote.
  • Fixed that a player alone in the server calling a vote automatically resulted to a failed vote with the new vote behaviour.
  • Fixed headshot message not properly showing in DM.
  • Fixed /dev bsp crashing clients on gametypes other than H&S.
  • Updated default Configuration file: added g_failedVoteDelay CVAR.
  • Removed second g_cm entry from the default Configuration file.
Further suggestions, bug reports etc. are welcome. Enjoy.
  • Changed that the vote caller automatically voted yes.
Votecaller wont vote automatically yes?

Not sure if !Pm with a capital p is still a bug. !pm works fine.

What is the function of /dev bsp?

And what are the possibilities with autodownload? Can you e.g. make clients autodownload small mod plugins?

As always nice work boe!
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/dev bsp is quite useful if you have a test release and cheats on. You can spawn a npc box at your desired location, so you basically can use it to build maps.
Votecaller wont vote automatically yes?
Yep, the vote caller can also cast his yes/no vote now.

Not sure if !Pm with a capital p is still a bug. !pm works fine.
Was it bugged? I didn't fix anything related to it, only that the !pm to an Admin didn't work.

What is the function of /dev bsp?
What Janno said. It's still very primitive but I'm already working on making it better. You should see progress in 0.77t.3-pre.

And what are the possibilities with autodownload? Can you e.g. make clients autodownload small mod plugins?
Yes, which could then be used in order to make Caserun work on DM. The problem is that players don't have it enabled, meaning it will most likely never work the way you want it to.

As always nice work boe!
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Thanks Chuck.

I just finalized 0.77t.3-pre, which mainly contains 3D-specific features.


  • [3D only]Dead monkey system in Hide&Seek:- Added the 3d_deadMonkey CVAR, when it's put to 1 the dead-monkey feature will work (default is 0).

    - Added monkey_player entity (works like gametype_player (except for spawnflags)), which allows the player to define monkey spawns.

    - Added the "ghost" command (/ghost), which allows a player to switch between ghosting and being a monkey.

    - Changed that Admin commands that don't work on dead people do work on dead monkeys.

    - Fixed that dead monkeys don't trigger entities in the world (boosters, teleporters etc.).
  • Changed the Pop Admin command: it now allows you to pop players with godmode on.
I'm pretty sure you guys will like the changes. :p Enjoy!
Hey boe i am getting this error: ^1Failed to load inview database: unable to open database file. I have only changed some ent files but the server isnt using them. Maybe you know what is wrong? Version: 0.77t.3-pre.
hhh, dumb piece of fuck emp hhh.

Happy noticed the bug earlier and i've just had the same thing.

When i just joined the server i started in spectator.
When i tried to join the red team at first mid round i got auto ft'd to spec, telling me to wait untill the round ends and if i'd like i could switch by /ghost.
Tried it at the end of the round again, auto ft to spec again, and at the beginning of the round again ( When seekers arent released yet ).

So i tried to ft myself to red, before seekers were released at first, which didnt work ( auto ft again).
After release i tried it again with the same result.

Then i tried to go as a seeker, which did the exact same as red for some reason. ( auto ft to spec ).
When i ft'd myself to blue it worked normally but still couldnt join the red team.
Thanks for this, it's fixed now (this also addresses the issue that every player saw the /ghost spam).

Changelog for 0.77t.4-pre:

  • [3D only] Added extra info messages in the ghost command (for when it fails).
  • [3D only] Fixed that monkeys can pickup weapons.
  • [3D only] Fixed people not being able to spawn in the red team with the new monkey system, regardless of what value the 3d_deadMonkey CVAR was set to.