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  1. BoeMan

    Free Game Deals

    Man, this kind of simulator is awesome if you're some kind of farm boy. ;)
  2. BoeMan

    1fx. Mod updates

    It's that funny? It was removed because twist gives players an unfair advantage in 3rd person: while twisted and leaning around corners the enemy can't hit you even though you're able to hit them.
  3. BoeMan

    1fx. Mod updates

    I think Splash means canceling the count down, during the countdown where nothing has changed yet. Sorry for the late reply, I read it earlier but didn't have the time to dig through the source code. Like I assumed then, I already included this for the end map. Doing !em while the countdown is...
  4. BoeMan

    The first EGYPTIAN Soundpack??!!

    Funny, good job creating it. However, you don't understand the q3 file system properly. You're offering a 3 MB "musicandsound.pk3" replacement that users must replace in the base directory. That will undoubtedly lead to sounds missing next to the ones you replace. To replace files with a newer...
  5. BoeMan

    1fx. Mod updates

    Tomorrow's update will have some changes regarding the H&S scores at the end of each round and ending the rounds in general. Let me know if you encounter anything funky.
  6. BoeMan

    1fx. Mod updates

    You're welcome. :) The build of today failed for Linux v1.00 by the way, something which I've already fixed. The update should take place this night (around 3 AM UTC), so tomorrow you can test it out on 3D H&S/1fx. Inf.
  7. BoeMan

    1fx. Mod updates

    Hi all! It's been a while, since I'm also working on other SoF2 stuff, but I finally managed to finish the new voice chat system in 1fx. Mod. Key features The new system goes by the name of the MVCHAT sound system, where MVCHAT stands for: Multilingual Voice Chat. The new MVCHAT sound system...
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    SoF2 Evolution

    I once tried a 4K res pack but the engine is barely holding up. To make a high res pack work projects like OpenSoF2MP need to complete, so the renderer can be fine tuned, but that will never happen. No one is interested in developing for this game anymore. I'd do it, but I really can't be assed...
  9. BoeMan

    voices idea.

    The current limit is 200 sounds. Anyway, the next version of 1fx. Mod, 0.82, will have a redesigned sound system, removing the current cap. It will also have more sounds by default. There are lots of SP sounds currently not used, which could be included by default, without having the client...
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    Congrats Joost! Happy for ya! :)

    Congrats Joost! Happy for ya! :)
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    We build it by using 4 fences in 1fx. Mod too. There is no full 'cage model'. I can post the associated entities here if you want, you just have to adjust the origin then.
  12. BoeMan

    New Ideas?

    Indeed. :) Don't worry, I still keep an eye on the forum. A while back I worked on the voting options, they were kinda limited in 1fx. Mod, and they needed to be included to finish the ROCmod support on Gold: At the moment I have...
  13. BoeMan

    funny skin bugg

    It's already fixed, presumably. I changed the code related to this, the hider now won't be able to die after reaching the object and waiting to be respawned. I figured it works better this way.
  14. BoeMan

    An option for @ binds

    This will be a very good solution for when I add support for more sounds than just 200. I can imagine every server having their own sounds, making it impossible to memorize every number or make proper binds across servers you play on. I've added it on my to-do list, when I think of something...
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    I asked 3D to send me the bugged shop8, and they did. Like I said in a previous post, setting spawnflags to 1 fixes the problem. From: { "classname" "misc_bsp" "bspmodel" "instances/generic/fence01_ripped" "origin" "-10775 7182 935" "angles" "0 90 0" } To: { "classname" "misc_bsp"...
  16. BoeMan

    map raven edited

    I don't know, does this .pk3 contain the Gold maps? Try it by renaming it to asdpack.pk3 to ensure the v1.00 mp_raven map is loaded after the Gold one (the mp.pk3 contains the mp_raven map).
  17. BoeMan

    map raven edited

    The gold version of mp_raven behaves like this indeed, it was fixed in that version due to heavy abuse in the early days of SoF2. It's likely included in one of the additional .pk3s if you're having this issue on v1.00.
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    It's possible. I like it. I probably won't implement it. Why not? H&Z is the de facto standard in boring/rq gametypes of SoF2. This would probably require at least 8 hours of my time to implement and fully test. In the end it would only be played a couple of times. I enjoyed programming Zombies...
  19. BoeMan

    H&S new ideas

    Yep. I still plan on implementing it too. Thanks for the suggestions. I will only implement a few of them though, for reasons I'll explain below. I'm getting back on the 1fx. Mod project pretty soon, so the rpg-running-out suggestion will be implemented then. The throw knife idea will be...
  20. BoeMan

    Error (cant connect or i get disconnect)

    Related to one or more custom maps you're using, try deleting one by one to find the culprit.