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    RoNoO @ join !!!

    Good luck
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    PaSeB95 @ Apply

    not all :)
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    PaSeB95 @ Apply

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    i think u should improve ur english xD
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    sOund`@apply agian

    No ik his bro he is avenue and they are brothers realy
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    TearfulAvast's - Application

    Good luck
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    [email protected]

    Gl mate :)
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    -=s|R'*Ozzy* @ APPLY

    Gl bro
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    [email protected]:)

    kkr wh :@
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    SL1D3X - Application

    Ns apply and Good luck M8
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    I would like an Admin :D

    Good luck mate
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    Splash's re-apply:)

    Ns apply and gl m8 stay active
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    [email protected]

    You want to draw attention to yourself to show that you are helping.but you are taking advantage of your rank
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    [email protected]

    Plez give me ban iam so scare
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    [email protected]

    he always play wh
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    [email protected]

    Gooood luck M8
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    [email protected]

    I think all of his talk in application is lia
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    [email protected]

    The rank not important for me just I want to help if I have trial or rcon I dont care but I think that u play in the server for ranks only
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    [email protected]

    U say that u the oldest player why u not from the best 10 players?
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    [email protected]