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  1. Stephan

    lazoraa new application

    Goodluck! @Lazoraa
  2. Stephan

    lazoraa new application

    What is your problem if he used to translation?
  3. Stephan

    lazoraa new application

    This place not for scrimmage please stop these are kids' works. Amr he is right he just tell you dont speak arabic here that's right why you angry from him.
  4. Stephan

    Revive savages Server again!

    you both guys suUcKKs! :cool:
  5. Stephan

    Pato Application

    Try to be active more bro. GL!
  6. Stephan

    Promotions september 2019

    Congratulations, Longyy ;):cool:
  7. Stephan

    lazoraa @ i want to join once again

    I've open poll for you, good luck @Lazoraa You'll get your results with in 10 days.
  8. Stephan

    John ~ Back

    Serow didn't play with John. His name is oM Serow. I think his real name same om serow infplayer lel..
  9. Stephan

    The most beautiful moments I saw in the game.!! :)

    @islam Wtf, How!??
  10. Stephan

    `Access mazen`

    please talk english
  11. Stephan

    Levazhu inactive from 8.7.19 to 20.12.19

    Goodluck. (You leave me alone (Q):( )
  12. Stephan

    [email protected]

    Opened a poll for you, Goodluck.
  13. Stephan

    Sezar wanna last chance

    Goodluck bro!
  14. Stephan


    Goodluck mate!
  15. Stephan


  16. Stephan


    Bennet. :P
  17. Stephan

    [email protected]

  18. Stephan

    [email protected]

    Lmfao @Shovel
  19. Stephan

    [email protected]

  20. Stephan

    Promotions/demotions 05-2019

    @SL1D3X Congratulations my babe :), Don't Dissapoint us :D Thanks jantsux nd corry :)