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  1. ultra

    Levazhu inactive from 8.7.19 to 20.12.19

    you have to do your duty to your country and goodluck man
  2. ultra

    Application skinner

    good luck and be very active because the more active = the more you seek to join here :)
  3. ultra

    [email protected]

    youre a good and active player. but you have to be more active. and i hope you accept goodluck
  4. ultra

    [email protected]

    why do not you update your application, i think this is the same old application and you did not add anything to it, but try and goodluck
  5. ultra

    Hi all

    Hi all
  6. ultra

    Clever why ban me

    anyway, my brother, i can believe you, but the advice is to play FP and this better okay
  7. ultra

    Clever why ban me

    well this can sometimes play the wh and know where the seek comes from and this is also a mistake
  8. ultra

    Clever why ban me

    i think you do not tell the truth, i think you played seek and he stopped you because of playing the wh and the second reason is that everyone knows that net cafe = wh
  9. ultra

    MarianØ` @ ApplicatiØn

    Goodluck and stay active
  10. ultra

    CosmA @ Join

    gl man and stay active
  11. ultra

    Rbento @apply

    Goodluck and stay active
  12. ultra

    G4rf1elD @ i want to join with enthusiasm, my friends

    gl. and stay active ;)
  13. ultra

    ultra @ r-application

    Thank you. Mashtoly <3
  14. ultra

    ultra @ r-application

    thank you bro <3
  15. ultra

    skeleton apply

    Good luck and stay active
  16. ultra

    ultra @ r-application

    Thank you bro :)
  17. ultra

    ultra @ r-application

    Thank you my brother <3
  18. ultra

    ultra @ r-application

    Thank you bro :) <3