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  1. Stephan

    Levazhu inactive from 8.7.19 to 20.12.19

    Goodluck. (You leave me alone (Q):( )
  2. Stephan

    [email protected]

    Opened a poll for you, Goodluck.
  3. Stephan

    Sezar wanna last chance

    Goodluck bro!
  4. Stephan


    Goodluck mate!
  5. Stephan


  6. Stephan


    Bennet. :P
  7. Stephan

    [email protected]

  8. Stephan

    [email protected]

    Lmfao @Shovel
  9. Stephan

    [email protected]

  10. Stephan

    Promotions/demotions 05-2019

    @SL1D3X Congratulations my babe :), Don't Dissapoint us :D Thanks jantsux nd corry :)
  11. Stephan

    Rasker @join Again

    Never seen you before. And I checked on gametracker about your name is not on gametracker u have to be more active !!
  12. Stephan

    [email protected]

    I never seen you before. Try to be more active. :)
  13. Stephan


    Report here please:
  14. Stephan

    boruto @ application

  15. Stephan

    Remove @ Jasten

    But In this picture he told you He wants you in HD SERVER! :)
  16. Stephan

    Hey !

    Goodluck mate!
  17. Stephan

    ninja_x aka [email protected]

    Syfy, A7A.. You newbie<Denied> :( :Q
  18. Stephan

    Promotions/demotions march 2019

    Anyway, Congratulations Bitches. :)
  19. Stephan

    Promotions/demotions march 2019

  20. Stephan

    Quavo @ Join

    I've open poll for you, Good luck @Quavo You'll get your results with in 10 days.