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    Levazhu inactive from 8.7.19 to 20.12.19

    goodluck :)
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    [email protected]

    @Rbento Shovel mean modfiy (EDIT) your apply :)
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    [email protected]

    Goodluck :F
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    Application skinner

    Goodluck :)
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    MarianØ` @ ApplicatiØn

    Try to be more active in the server, GL :)
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    |Cillessen.Lg @appLication!

    You are copying your application from @.NeutroN'
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    [email protected]*

    In Mar 12, 2019 In your application the first, you write your age 15. and In this day, You did new application. and you write your age 16. Do you your age Increase 1 year, In less from year. When did you started to play Sof? I've been playing in this server for 4 months >>>This mistake He ask...
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    ultra @ r-application

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    [email protected]

    Good luck!
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    @faruk Goodluck :)
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    Sezar wanna last chance

    Good luck!
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    Hey, I fine and u?

    Hey, I fine and u?
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    [email protected]

    What this? :D:D
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    [email protected]

    Liar, your application not change, you liar on we, you worth declined 1- The Liar 2- Copying applications
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    [email protected]

    @Shitewy1111 and what this
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    [email protected]

    Yes! But he will be decliend him, Because you are coping your application from Riviera
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    [email protected]

    your application copying from @Riviera
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    [email protected]

    You are copying your application from @Riviera
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    Promotions/demotions 05-2019

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    Riviera @ Application

    After that you do not speak anything that you are not sure about because you committed for this person a big crime. Good luck my brother :)