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  1. GorrmanS`

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    I think there are a lot of players in egypt who know the rules well,the rules are not diffcult
  2. GorrmanS`

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    I know the rules well u can ask me about anything,But I played together this player and I know
  3. GorrmanS`

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    1-You play for only 3 weeks in the server 2-This server is different from any other server 3-I played with you before and I know you did not care about the rules you did not know
  4. GorrmanS`

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    1- You always play wh 2- I do not see you play in the server 3- You do not know the rules well
  5. GorrmanS`

    hixxon @ apply

  6. GorrmanS`

    `Screem. @ Join Here

    I dont see you play in the server
  7. GorrmanS`

    Quavo @ Join

    Good Luck,But try to find fp So do not say you play wh
  8. GorrmanS`

    SimOn` @ application`

    1-You always play wh. 2- be active first Then, create an application. 3-I do not see you active on the server So I advise you to play a lot in the server.
  9. GorrmanS`

    .M4ZP3RO!! @ Application

    Good Luck
  10. GorrmanS`

    [email protected]

  11. GorrmanS`

    [email protected]

    I see you in this server called Tp Remove yourself from this dreaded server and then create a new application here
  12. GorrmanS`

    skinner @ application

    This server is not a school or something to learn that you have made mistakes and you must take your punishment Read the rules well and then you will learn everything
  13. GorrmanS`

    skinner @ application

    This is supposed to happen and thank you, brother <3 ;F
  14. GorrmanS`

    skinner @ application

    Huhuhuh It's funny so I do not see you play in the server with this name ;Why do you make a new application and You opened an opinion poll Your name Darkone but You want to deceive us and You say that I am a Darkone who made a new application and no one knows that I am Darkone?
  15. GorrmanS`

    [email protected]

    There are a lot of people who say that he plays in another server but I doubt it, and today he proved to be playing in this despicable server called tp
  16. GorrmanS`


    I do not see you in the server
  17. GorrmanS`

    [email protected]@apply

    apply is very bad but try to change apply
  18. GorrmanS`

    [email protected]

    be active more time
  19. GorrmanS`

    darkOne @ Application

    Be Active,GL
  20. GorrmanS`

    '*AHMED ! @ Application

    Good Luck