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    Promotions/demotions 05-2019

    Congratulations, Well deserved.
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    MarianO in active`

    Good luck with your "tests"! :) Or change your role to veteran until you come back again.
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    die scorpion

    Rest In Peace. الله يرحمه ويصبر اهله.
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    Welcome back & Good luck :)
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    '*AHMED ! @ Application

    mazzika ely kan byl3b fe aT dymn dh?
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    '*AHMED ! @ Application

    yasta anta mazzaka?
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    darkOne @ Application

    Good luck bro!
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    [email protected]@apply

    No Offense, But this is the dumbest apply I've ever seen (regardless of other applies). You made an application just to put "3d #" to your name? LOL
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    3D# Facebook Page Updates

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    3D# Facebook Page Updates

    True @Shoke, @Ziuziak So you are trying to say "Why am I putting effort in a dead game?" Well, Because I love it, Because I want to revive it. Anyways if you designed the profile logo it would be nice from you :)
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    Sezar @ Back Again

    Good luck :)
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    3D# Facebook Page Updates

    A new post has been published: :) . . Also if you have any idea for a new page photo/cover suggest it in this thread.
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    Better viewpos coordinates

    Hello, I know I know, I no longer edit maps or interested in anything related, But sharing is caring, So, why not? I decided to share this "trick" which I used in the past to save my time while editing maps. Anyone who tried to edit a map knows that if we took the viewpos coordinates and put it...
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    3D# Facebook Page Updates

    A new post has been published: :)
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    3D# Facebook Page Updates

    Haha, Check it out yourself!
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    3D# Facebook Page Updates

    Well, I'll be publishing at least 3 posts during this week, And 1 of them is so special and unique just as a compensation for the time I spent away from the page. I'll keep this sequence(3 posts every week) until 31/1 because I'll start studying but that doesn't mean that I will not be...
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    3D# Facebook Page Updates

    I'm actually working on some projects at the moment, Apologize for being inactive for 2 months straight! :)
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    LaLa @ apply

    That is not the expected way to talk with staff, Your attitude is the most important thing that you should look after N' care about to get accepted. Show respect, Be mature! :)
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    Free Game Deals

    Counter Strike: Global Offensive (Free) (Permanently I guess) Just put it in your library just in case if they made it un-free