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  1. SuunDera.

    hixxon @ apply

    GoodLuck, Welcome my bro ;)
  2. SuunDera.

    .M4ZP3RO!! @ Application

    GoodLuck :)
  3. SuunDera.

    Promotions/demotions march 2019

    Gratz guys
  4. SuunDera.

    SimOn` @ application`

    1- You always wh and i gave you kick because of wh 2- Your FP fake i dont see you play FP 3- You always insult players and i saw that 4- i hope see you play FP and stopped insulting players
  5. SuunDera.


    When did you became active in 3D? 2-6 hours in day. we ask when you became active it 3D, we not mean how many hours of a day we mean when you started playing in 3D improve your english.
  6. SuunDera.

    '*AHMED ! @ Application

    Omg, Gooood lucck ksmk!<3
  7. SuunDera.

    darkOne @ Application

    Good Luck and follow rules.
  8. SuunDera.

    [email protected]

    Good Luck dude!
  9. SuunDera.

    .NeutroN' @Application

  10. SuunDera.

    Statham @ Application

    Good luck, and i think you will use admin good!
  11. SuunDera.

    remixe wanna to join

    Good Luck
  12. SuunDera.

    Skotar @ apply

    1-go to download FP 2-you must be active again like last month 3-GL, Kosomk
  13. SuunDera.

    [email protected]

    first welcome back again, second u must be active again and i wish u accept
  14. SuunDera.

    simon @ apply

    Try to be more active, GL
  15. SuunDera.

    [email protected]

    GoodLuck kosomk ;)
  16. SuunDera.

    rallcr app

    Good luck
  17. SuunDera.

    Great @ Apply

    GoodLuck bro ;)
  18. SuunDera.


  19. SuunDera.

    [email protected]!

    Good Luck ;f
  20. SuunDera.

    SuunDera @ Application Again!!

    thanks my bro