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  1. Scorpion

    skinner @ application

    i think that we should give people a chance and I think that the person who did wrong once won't do it again and you need lots of activity on the server and site and I wish you success :)
  2. Scorpion

    WhiSkey@Application :Q

    I have not seen you very much in the server and this is difficult To succeed here but you have the opportunity now to be more active in the server and the site ok man
  3. Scorpion


    I do not know you but I can say good luck and you can succeed but you have to be more active and be courteous and respect the rules ok
  4. Scorpion

    declined me :"(

  5. Scorpion


    i do not like those who do the work of an application without knowing the server only respond to the admin as his entertainment no more and I think that he did not have enough experience to use the admin and this is not fair
  6. Scorpion


    you'll just have to wait until the specified day for you and you make new application ,ok man ;)
  7. Scorpion

    '*AHMED ! @ Application

    good luck nuupy and stay more active ك~k~ك
  8. Scorpion


    good luck and stay more active and follow the rules okay
  9. Scorpion

    darkOne @ Application

  10. Scorpion

    .NeutroN' @Application

    Beautiful application but this is not enough you should be more active good luck
  11. Scorpion


    thanks thanks morre stephan thank you bro and thank you all
  12. Scorpion


    Thank you savage
  13. Scorpion


    thanks man :cool:
  14. Scorpion

    Statham @ Application

    I think you are good at shaping and decorating applications and also that you are a good boy and you love helping people anyway, good luck bro
  15. Scorpion

    RSL # Ahmed @ Apply

    Anyway you can make a new application after a month because this application failed good luck next time, Ahmed
  16. Scorpion

    RSL # Ahmed @ Apply

    And also if it was like what this old application says it is very easy to anyone who has been rejected first and then copies the old application again without any consequences and takes the supervisor like any person think that this happens in other servers, but here no, anyway Modify your...
  17. Scorpion


    the application is not good but enough to accept you stay more active and use real Fairplay and not imaginary so do not take a kick from anyone and I think half the copy application but we will see this
  18. Scorpion

    RSL # Ahmed @ Apply

    i do not know why they all copy any application I think this is difficult for them to write the application themselves
  19. Scorpion


    Anyway, I was gonna change my name to Scorpion but I waited for 30 days and I change my name and I do not lie and I hope for help and compassion until I come back again and thank you
  20. Scorpion

    .M4ZP3RO!! @ application

    no problem my friend, this is my duty