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    Thermal Goggles

    Today i will share with you guys better and more clear thermal goggles i will show you some screenshot This the default thermal goggles -------------------------------------------------------- This is the better and clear Thermal goggles Download Link : RPM4Plus New Thermal Gogles...
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    Rules of spamming

    أعلم أن هناك العديد من اللاعبين يكرهون 1 من فريق الإدارة ويذهب إلى البريد المزعج ويبدأ في الإهانة ، أتمنى أن يتجاهله المشرف على أي شخص ولا يعطيه كتم هناك رمز كثير من اللاعبين لا يعرفون أن الكود هو \ignore (id) ----------------------------------------------------------------- English-: I know...
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    look this now abu Salah

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    this bind LoL

    all players tell me for want my bind LoooL :) ^RL^yO^MO^jO^3O^CO^1L
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    Thanks Mclaren

    when i see Maclaren in the server , server always is full Because Mclaren is a lovely man
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    look this map col1

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    look this korea wh

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    MAP MP_HK1
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    Welcome to 3D Hide and Seek!!

    Welcome to the biggest and best h&s community on Soldier of Fortune 2. DOWN THE NEW MAP PACK FOR MORE FUN!! HELP MAKE THE GAME MORE FUN! This is an automated welcome message, replying to this message with potential questions will not notify the...
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    look this map hk1

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    look this vs

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    look this severe :)

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    How do you get knives

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    today i am bringing sof2 with ac just check the link to download it
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    how edit

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    3D 1st woooooooo

    we are 1st and all thanks go active players and admins , i hope u still active and still 1st forever , its good challenge with other players i know there are other people will not shut up when they watch us 1st , they will try to be 1st again so guys keep active and he or she will do anything to...
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    server is have more player

    server is full or something im happy because im in 3d and the server is full i think because im here server is full im kidding i hope server will full forever  :D :D :D