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  1. Shovel

    my request for admission

    Hey Reaper, please rewrite your apply in English. You have 2 days to edit your apply.
  2. Shovel

    ultra @ applay

    You copied some parts of your apply from others. Denied. Try again in two weeks.
  3. Shovel

    hey iam back

  4. Shovel


    Stop spamming the forums. You have been denied several times for copying applies. Wait until you can apply again. If you make another topic I will ban you on the forums.
  5. Shovel

    Suggestions new

    I was being sarcastic @Splash
  6. Shovel

    Suggestions new

    It is in English, thats not clear men ok
  7. Shovel

    Suggestions new

    1. So everytime someone connects to the server they get spammed with this message? 2. If you cant make an application without help of others, you shouldnt even bother applying. 3. Actually a great idea. Maybe @Give#uP or @outlaw can set up something with the other editors. Thanks for the...
  8. Shovel

    3D#Hide&Seek Application

    We already have a topic for this.
  9. Shovel

    Johnson @ Joining

    Read this and update your apply:
  10. Shovel

    [SOF2]Senius@apply i want join

    Nice. Please try to improve English skills before applying again. You can try again in 2 months from now, since I doubt it will improve at all.
  11. Shovel

    [SOF2]Senius@apply i want join

    Your google translate skills are beyond worse. How do you ever think you will be able to communicate with us?
  12. Shovel


    You have been denied. We feel like you lack English skills and wont be able to communicate with us. You can try again in a month!
  13. Shovel

    volcano @application Back

    Cant find any names with that. Im just gonna deny you for now, become more active again and try again in two weeks.
  14. Shovel

    volcano @application Back

    What other name?
  15. Shovel

    volcano @application Back

    You only play with name volcano?
  16. Shovel

    Promotions/Demotions of Sept

    ty flesh grats to both.
  17. Shovel

    Spear @ Aplication

    I've opened a poll for you. Don't expect too much from it though. Poll will close in 10 days.
  18. Shovel

    Hector @ Application Join

    I don't think you fit in 3D because of your past. Opening a poll for you wouldn't help either since most staff still haven't forgiven you. So I'll just deny you for now. Sorry man. You can try again in a month.
  19. Shovel

    kopara @ join

    Denied for now. You're not really active according to gametracker. Try again in 2 weeks when you become active again.
  20. Shovel


    Will deny for now, if he decides to become active again I will unlock.