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    Better viewpos coordinates

    Hello, I know I know, I no longer edit maps or interested in anything related, But sharing is caring, So, why not? I decided to share this "trick" which I used in the past to save my time while editing maps. Anyone who tried to edit a map knows that if we took the viewpos coordinates and put it...
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    3D# Facebook Page Updates

    A new post has been published: :)
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    3D# Facebook Page Updates

    Haha, Check it out yourself!
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    3D# Facebook Page Updates

    Well, I'll be publishing at least 3 posts during this week, And 1 of them is so special and unique just as a compensation for the time I spent away from the page. I'll keep this sequence(3 posts every week) until 31/1 because I'll start studying but that doesn't mean that I will not be...
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    3D# Facebook Page Updates

    I'm actually working on some projects at the moment, Apologize for being inactive for 2 months straight! :)
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    LaLa @ apply

    That is not the expected way to talk with staff, Your attitude is the most important thing that you should look after N' care about to get accepted. Show respect, Be mature! :)
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    Free Game Deals

    Counter Strike: Global Offensive (Free) (Permanently I guess) Just put it in your library just in case if they made it un-free
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    3D# Facebook Page Updates

    Hello! Since I'm back from inactivity and going to work on the facebook page again. In this thread I will be notifying you(3D# Members) about the newest/recently published posts, To make sure that you won't miss anything! First of all, These are all the posts I've published so far: Boosts...
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    Omar Saad @ apply

    Bro, All this "Programmer" does is correcting wrong words, It doesn't improve your English like wow.
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    hey iam back

    Probably stole this pic from Noor's facebook page.
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    =-JoKer-= @ Join :( 2

    @3d JoKeR If you really don't know your exact age(which is stupid) then use this tool to know your age lmfao. :"D
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    How to make Edit By Notepad (Arabic)

    I saw over 3 people repeating this kind of videos :D
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    Promotions / demotions october

    Uhm, It's a new rank, It means that I'm an editor of 3d page on fb, So I can publish posts, videos, and a lot of stuff. :)
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    @britt Forgive me :(

    So, You will resort to this childish "forgive me (Q)" style everytime you get kicked, or denied? Come on, Grow up.
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    Suggestions new

    Oh lol :P
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    Suggestions new

    Ok, I'll translate it. boom problem solved. Edit: realized that i cant post on 3d guides section (F)
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    SuunDera @ Wanted to Join in 3D

    There are too many people who are using your name, Either you try to stop them or we will face troubles identifying you.
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    Suggestions new

    Meh. Already done(And I'm also already working on more) Already done(Just like how Britt said) We appreciate that you spent time thinking of those suggestions though, Thanks!
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    I'm again

    I'm glad that you are doing well and the operation went well. It's nice to see you again, No worries.