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  1. outlaw


    He started his new job at animals rights organization.
  2. outlaw


    I've opened a poll for you, let's see others opinions, you will hear from us within the next 10 days, have a great day.
  3. outlaw

    bye bye all

    Thank you for being a part of 3D team.
  4. outlaw

    bye bye all

    Since there is no reason and we all can be moody I'm giving you 24 hours to think twice, if you changed your mind reply here if not your admin will be removed tomorrow afternoon and if you changed your mind after that you will need to apply if you want to get it back.
  5. outlaw

    LaLa @ apply

    Thanks to the internet cafe friends, having admin doesn't mean you knows all the rules.
  6. outlaw

    LaLa @ apply

    im not opening poll before i see that you are agreeing and following server rules. Have a good day.
  7. outlaw

    Happy holidays!

    Happy holidays Stephanie..
  8. outlaw


  9. outlaw

    LaLa @ apply

    You're making up your own rules now.. No matter how good is the seeker, i see no rule saying clever seeker counts as two.
  10. outlaw

    superman @ application

    18 days are not enough to let us know you well, im not denying this application otherwise we won't open poll for you at this while, so be active and you will hear from us soon.
  11. outlaw

    LaLa @ apply

    So why i was always seeing you on building roof when there was no enough seekers, that's beside the abused case.
  12. outlaw


    All maps have normal speed (300)
  13. outlaw

    LaLa @ apply

    First tell me how many seekers is the mp_finca boost, the yard behind seeker spawn boost.
  14. outlaw

    hestro apply

    Hello, Your poll has ended and has returned positively, you are accepted as Member. Here are a few links to threads you need to read to be a good member : Rules in english : Rules in arabic ...
  15. outlaw

    SuunDera @ Application Again!!

    Hello, Your poll has ended and has returned a positive result : you are accepted as trial. We will observe you and your admin usage in the coming days/weeks to determine if you're worth being a 3D#Member. If you have any question about anything, feel free to ask Staff/Members here or in-game...
  16. outlaw


    Deathmatch gametype always come bugged in the map cycle when we tried to set a DM maps before that's why we avoid setting it up, anyway i have to check it myself at Sunday, maybe i can fix it.
  17. outlaw

    New Map raven h&s

    Not sure if this map is good enough to be set on 3d map cycle, actually it's not the best idea to make the only roof playable and whoever falls down get trapped.
  18. outlaw

    hey iam back

    At least he had a fake plan lol
  19. outlaw

    LaLa @ back agian.!!

    This is an answer for why we shouldn't let you join.
  20. outlaw

    To all Staff

    Because you got wh installed on pcs.