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  1. SL1D3X

    Reaper @ Application

    Look, I'm not here to judge poeple for their English skills. As long as we can communicate with them, It's enough. If we are gonna be so strict about how can they speak English, then they wouldn't have any chances to join us. This is my opinion but we should choose wisely.
  2. SL1D3X

    LaLa @ apply

    Did you mean to say that you know rules? Because as I can see you wrote "dont know rules". Please fix sentence mistakes for better understanding.
  3. SL1D3X

    superman @ application

    I'd be grateful if you make correct application format and not something like this. And please don't make huge lines between questions *facepalm*. Go to this link and copy application format: Anyway, I haven't seen you on the...
  4. SL1D3X


    Is this your answer? So, if you know anything about how can we improve whole community then please answer correctly.
  5. SL1D3X

    hey iam back

    Hi there, Do you know this is the Recruitment Section and not "Welcome back section" or how should I call it. So, I'd be happy if you post it somewhere else and not here (Example: Post it in Open Chat)
  6. SL1D3X

    O L p o A L e X @ Apply

    Goodluck :)
  7. SL1D3X


    Good luck and stay active in the server! :D
  8. SL1D3X

    =-JoKer-= @ Join :( 2

    Goodluck mate :D
  9. SL1D3X

    3Rio @ application

    So you were actually active 3 years ago till now? It's hard to believe that. It would be better if you tell us when did you become active again in 3D Server. (Example: Last month)
  10. SL1D3X

    spanner @ Wants to join in 3D!

    Goodluck mate :D
  11. SL1D3X

    AbouT @ i want join here.!!

    Who knows if this is his brother or not. Maybe he made 2 applications just because he wants to become an admin. That's not the right way to do it. Why would you make 2 applications? If you are willing to join 3D Community then stick to 3D, be serious about this, read the rules, be active, help...
  12. SL1D3X

    alex @ apply

    I'm glad that you agree with me :) No problem mate
  13. SL1D3X


    Same goes for you as I said to another applicant. Try to be more active and so on :D Goodluck!
  14. SL1D3X

    alex @ apply

    Well, I've seen you for a like 2-3 days as others said but if you gonna be more active in the server then we will see if you meet requirements to be part of the community. And yeah, please, play with only one name because if not then you gonna mess up activity information (Fix me if I'm wrong)...
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    Goodluck man
  16. SL1D3X

    SuunDera @ Wanted to Join in 3D

    Goodluck :D
  17. SL1D3X

    Fletcher @ i want to back again

    Goodluck man :D It's nice to play with you in the game :D
  18. SL1D3X

    kopara @ join

    Good luck mate :D
  19. SL1D3X

    Hi! :D

    Hi! :D
  20. SL1D3X

    walker @ join

    Good luck! We will meet in-game and have some fun :D