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  1. Liberty

    Accepted in developpement section of my school :D

    Accepted in developpement section of my school :D
  2. Liberty


    Hello, As you know multi-clan isn't allowed and as you already told to me you are actually "Supreme leader" in another server. I must deny your application. You can try to apply another time next month, but remember multiclan is not allowed. Regards, Liberty,
  3. Liberty


    Never seen you before. Copy from "Joker" and "Back from hell" application. You need to be more active before apply for being Admin, and btw you need to make your own application without copy/paste. Thank-you for your efforts but you are denied, you can try next month and this time don't copy...
  4. Liberty

    Happy holidays!

    Happy holiday, Enjoy;
  5. Liberty


    This one is in Admin Section
  6. Liberty


    I think, we need to add less map with edits, this is so boring, alot of map are punitive for hider like we fall we are in a jail without possibility to escape, and that's really boring when you are hider to fall and being stuck for 1 complete round. For me it looks like the map are overedited
  7. Liberty


    You don't meet the requirements to join the 3D team yet, improve your english, be active and try again next month.
  8. Liberty

    Promotions / demotions october

    Gratz @Lawson let's make a party for this promotion and when i mean a party i mean buy me blue label
  9. Liberty

    To all Staff

    Everyday i'm tempted to cut sof2 to egypt
  10. Liberty

    To all Staff

    ban => 15 players out subnetban => egypt out
  11. Liberty

    Promotions/Demotions of Sept

    gratz to promoted
  12. Liberty

    `Access gOlA`@Apply

    Wtf is dat
  13. Liberty

    If You find some good music put in there ! ;)

    Cyka Blyat
  14. Liberty

    If You find some good music put in there ! ;)

    @Koparapl More russian
  15. Liberty

    sOund`@apply agian

    I never saw so many words in English from you ingame
  16. Liberty

    Iam not wh guys

    Google => How wallhack in sof2 with console => Commands => Wallhack [ON] Lemme trust you never checked on google for this shit
  17. Liberty

    Sound @apply

    aimboter in 1fx lul
  18. Liberty


    gratz lel
  19. Liberty

    Diploma n da pocket

    Diploma n da pocket