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  1. happy

    walker @ join

    So that means youre not the oldest egy playing
  2. happy

    Fucking toxic behaviour

    Ban him too @Janno
  3. happy

    SL1D3X - Application

    Dobrodošel vso srečo Welcome good luck
  4. happy

    rudyix @ Join

    Than why do you pretend to be some1 else be a man and stand for what you have done and change yourself in game and on forum (idk what happend ) and prove them that you have chamge and let them know they can give you 1 more shot ... if you fuck up you go if you dont you stay
  5. happy


    @Cortez delete this topic please
  6. happy

    Promotions July

    @Splash he wasnt kicked he was just demoted to a member xd ... Gratz @TOXXIC and @Ozoo :)
  7. happy

    El Padrino apply

    Gl matey :)
  8. happy


    Meenjo mabye you have a bad judgement
  9. happy

    Crapt numper 1

    Naa you need to beat me bitch
  10. happy


    Britt he is active but not that much :)
  11. happy


    Best applysince the egys started to apply here :o
  12. happy

    I wish the same to you too :)

    I wish the same to you too :)
  13. happy


    how sweet corry is mad
  14. happy

    Request a gif part 2 !

    weplie make me a new gif :D:D
  15. happy

    translating some popular egyptian words

     A7a A7a A7a A7a A7a A7a A7a A7a A7a A7a A7a A7a A7a A7a A7a
  16. happy

    My application

    Where do you guys find time to make all this bullshit happen
  17. happy


    Hello Blazer, I've opened a pool for you stay active on forum and ingame we will tell you your results in a week 
  18. happy


    Accepted as trial ! Gratz !
  19. happy

    Any decent shoes?

    this !
  20. happy

    Request a gif !