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  1. Power

    Power @ join

    Personal information: Name: Tessa Age: 26 Country: Holland Sof information: Sof name: Power When did you start to play?: 2004 How long do you average play in the server? (daily): 3-4 hours Past clans: Togo.z4,Coldfear , Savages Why do you want to join us?: Cuz 3D is love and 3D is life...
  2. Power

    this is it.

    Hello 3D/Savages members, These past weeks alot happend both ingame and in real life. After deciding what to do ive cleared up my mind. I decided to Quit Sof2 and i'm sure janno/cortez Chrome/Flush will continue leading Savages and me make me proud :). I've had alot of fun times and made...
  3. Power

    Beware of hackers

    Hey All, So lately there is a hacker spreading virusses on sof2. Real name: Ismail Sof2 names: Togo Beast, Hurricane What he now is doing is change his ingame name to oldschool names. First he used Zwaz. This way he can gain trust because they are oldschoolers. I think he will use more...
  4. Power

    Savages italy fences are bugged

    Hi, The fences are bugged in Savages italy server for middle and whole. We can run through the fences
  5. Power

    5 maps

    5 maps to play mm_alcatraz.pk3 money_pit.pk3 mp_re2.pk3 mp_sandstorm.pk3 resident evil.pk3 source : http://gerfanion.g.free.fr/maps/
  6. Power

    Savages members

    Savages Leaders: Savages # Cortez Savages # Janno Savages # Power Savages Co leaders: Savages # Flush Savages # Chr0me Savages members: Savages # ZeXxy Savages # splash Savages # TrAnc Savages # Crazy Savages # Darky Savages # Det0x Savages # Hyde Savages # Xivor Savages #...
  7. Power

    Power recruitment

    Hi, I would like to join savages been in italy for some years. Ex-clans: Coldfear Togo z4 myth and some more