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  1. Power

    Important talk

    Ah yes this really seems importantn
  2. Power

    Why banned

    What is this post about hk1 doing in my lovely Savages # Italy corner =F
  3. Power

    we want a solution on this, come admins to hear that

    Everybody know's Janno's password is: WhyDoIEvenPlayThisGame69 Not a suprise, everybody got s-atmin cuz of his poor password.
  4. Power

    [email protected]

    I've seen him in 3D and his english is terrible, not suprised if he Google translated his form or even copy/paste it.
  5. Power

    Ip banned for no reason

    That's strange because I do see VPN autobans in the banlist
  6. Power

    Ip banned for no reason

    Hi Playfair, First of all thank you for making a thread here. Second, at that very right moment I banned 3 people who were cheating and in the heat of the moment I saw a user called: Pf connecting from United States. I thought that you were one of those guys which I banned came back with a VPN...
  7. Power

    Rase your hand if you like savages server, and u wanted to save it from hackers..

    Hi Pyrex, I feel your frustration. Lately i've been more active and I have been banning hackers on a regular basis. There was even one player that admitted that he uses cheats when he is in savages and not in 3D. He can also turn it on/off with one button. With above in mind it wouldn't be a...
  8. Power

    Savage @ Application

  9. Power

    Roelof APPLY 3D

    Gl Roelof!
  10. Power

    We are banning fairplay

    Challenge accepted?
  11. Power

    Revive savages Server again!

    hhhhhhhhhhhh noob @Janno
  12. Power


    You are such an idiot and here's the proof.
  13. Power


    You are NOT from the USA, and you are a pirate yourself.
  14. Power

    Promotions 20-03

    We always dissapoint ppl.
  15. Power

    relinquished @abuse

    What a retard remove his admin @chrome 
  16. Power

    Yoo, wassup guys!

    Hey Havoc been a long time. Welcome back.
  17. Power

    Legacy # Joining Applicattion

  18. Power

    Legacy # Joining Applicattion

    I'm not active at the moment so I can't decide.
  19. Power

    Italy in h&s

    hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I think this is great if italy is listed in H&S mapcycle.
  20. Power

    Application for savages

    well in that case demoted to trial.