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    Custom resolution patch (Widescreen issue)

    Hey, So I was browsing my sof2 files and I found this great file, I thought it would be useful to share it with you since I've met so many people experiencing this issue. It's basically a program that sets random resolution to the game! As you can see it has most of the resolutions out there...
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    Better viewpos coordinates

    Hello, I know I know, I no longer edit maps or interested in anything related, But sharing is caring, So, why not? I decided to share this "trick" which I used in the past to save my time while editing maps. Anyone who tried to edit a map knows that if we took the viewpos coordinates and put it...
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    3D# Facebook Page Updates

    Hello! Since I'm back from inactivity and going to work on the facebook page again. In this thread I will be notifying you(3D# Members) about the newest/recently published posts, To make sure that you won't miss anything! First of all, These are all the posts I've published so far: Boosts...
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    If you got forceteamed to spec while not being afk / afk وانت مكنتش !ft لو اتعملك

    Hey, One of the most popular reasons that leads to making fights between admins and players is "Being forceteamed to spec while not being afk" I lost one of my friends because of that.. @Despcito *cough* So the thing is, Someone, for example, went to get a water bottle or something, And that...
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    Splash's re-apply:)

    Hi, First things first, I know.. I made a mistake but I swear I learned alot of it.. I'm sorry. In the past 2 years for me in 3D, I was retarded, making troubles, flaming people, and now I got caught downloading wh which wasn't expected.. But here I am once again apologizing, And asking for your...
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    [OFFICIAL] Map .ent helping website!

    Hi, Before anything, SPECIAL Thanks to the one who made this tool, SNATCH AKA KAWA!! LINK : CLICK HERE Known bugs: BUG: when assigning origin with more than -100 tool will change quantity for some reason FIXED: changed the function itself to just count quantity amount of times while executing...
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    Give points to players with a button.

    Hi, Use this code to give points to the player(s) who activate(s) a button. } "model" "*0" "classname" "func_button" "origin" "000 000 000" "target" "point" "speed" "0" "wait" "0" "lip" "0" "health" "0" "angle" "0" } { "classname" "target_score" "targetname" "point" "count" "1" } Explanation...
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    A code that's better than func_button/door (FUNC_PLAT)

    Hi, So, Recently I found a new code called func_plat. This code is just like func_button, but the difference is func_plat stays activated as long as someone is above it, unlike func_button or func_door. Here's a lil comparison video that explains it all. The code: "classname" "func_plat"...
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    M4 Dropping BUG

    Hi, I'm one of people that lasts to the last hider alive alot, which means I'll get alot of m4/rpg's.. Yesterday, I had M4, When I dropped it to someone. my game crashed, that happened to me several times before. idk if someone already reported it but. yeah. @BoeMan BR, Splash :scowy:
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    Better graphics for SOF2

    Hi, I have been browsing sof2 files recently. And I noticed a file called Graphics smth. I downloaded it and it turned my sof2 into a new game. WARNING: NOT RECOMMENDED FOR POTATO PC'S WARNING: NOT RECOMMENDED FOR POTATO PC'S Here's a lil comparison. Before After Just place all files in...
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    Twisting Teleporter!

    Hi, New code! Explanation: Twisting teleporter. Just go through it and you get twisted. Code: } { "classname" "teleporter" "origin_from" "0 0 0" "origin_to" "0 0 0" "angles_from" "0 0 0" "angles_to" "0 0 180" "both_sides" "yes" "team" "all" "invisible" "no" "max_players" "0" "min_players" "0" }...
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    The first EGYPTIAN Soundpack??!!

    Hi, Introducing THE FIRST EGYPTIAN SOUND PACK...The dream came true. Featuring punch of the best egy memes such as : "BAS YA BABA" +20 SOUND I tried as possible to make the words similar to sound (i.e. GET HIM - (egy) get me this bitch) What are you waiting for? DOWNLOAD IT NOW.. paste -->...
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    Cinematic Videos

    Hi, Ladies! Today I have something interesting, Maybe some people were looking for it. It's a client mod for sof2 that literally provides you punch of options to make awesome montage/cinematic recordings.. Here's an example: (Sorry for da bad quality) OR Took ages to upload :( Anyways, Feel...
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    Teleport without needing teleporters!

    Hello, :) Before I begin, I want to say, That I explored everything in SoF2, I wrote down the alphabet to view all commands, I tested every single command, I studied hundreds of maps to get unknown codes as you saw at previous tutorials, I don't mind giving you anything. I never been selfish, I...
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    Teleport with 1 command?

    Hey guys! So I was messing at SoF2 commands and I found a cool command which lets you teleport without teleporter  All you need is: Type /setviewpos <origin you want to teleport to> 1 Add 1 after the origin. Easily Done! Regards, Splash ! :D  
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    SoF2 Evolution

    Hi,   I was surfing the internet specifically YouTube, I found some videos about SoF1-2, While I was watching, I was reading comments.. Well, Every single comment was really really positive, like "Imagine this game remastered" , "Imagine this game with better graphics" etc. To be honest, 3D...
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    Hi,  I read about a bot called (WATCHDOG) this bot automatically bans hackers. All you have to do is to train/practice this bot to do something, Like Training it for banning wallhackers. He will spec the players and if it(bot) thought that someone is hacking, it bans. Plus the bot's name wont...
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    Perks - PowerUPS

    Hi, There's something called perks in some games, It's like power-ups, It gives who uses it a boost or something related. So I thought about some of them for SoF2 Example. If any hider wore armor he will have about 50%-40% chance not to die after getting knifed from seekers (HE WILL LOSE...
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    Screenshots of BSP'S

    Hey, Instead of being confused about what this code is.. Here's a Pack includes screenshots of every single bsp/model/object in SoF2, Make the folder on extra large icons so you can see them without opening every single picture. Size: 50 MB (20-15 Minutes download time if you were Egyptian)...
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    First of all, Few days and I start exams, means I'll be active again and make maps.. :)   Yesterday, I joined minecraft and played a gametype called "BatteryDASH" It's so similiar to CTF, It was awesome, I thought about if @BoeMan can implement it. :D   So, There's 2 teams, Each team has...