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  1. africantwi$ted

    the goat's application

    y should do your research
  2. africantwi$ted

    the goat's application

    Personal information: Name: Lee Jun-fan AKA '''Bruce Lee''' (Ricardo) Age: 19 - I become 2 years older every year. Country: Putin's Palace  Sof information: Sof name: africantwi$ted (i aint no african) When did you start to play?: Started playing sof around 2007, i did have a lot of breaks...
  3. africantwi$ted

    Gif inside name letters

    First one is dope, tx m8
  4. africantwi$ted

    Gif inside name letters

    Name: twisted Background: Weed plants / Smoke
  5. africantwi$ted

    Snap Flap - Application Format

    noob friend wat u think ahah tnx fam
  6. africantwi$ted

    FS & CPT members

    these days shit is getting handled like its a important work business going on where discussions can get as long as the bible, boy we still playin on sof2 from 2006 i think dayum camelaids
  7. africantwi$ted

    Any decent shoes?

    I always wear philip plein, louboutin & Versace as shoes man, i do like some of em jordans too.
  8. africantwi$ted


    Nice topic, finally make these egys understand shit, no blame. 
  9. africantwi$ted

    . X a v i e r a`@join

    Is it me or do i keep seeing people again tryin to come back, wastemann tralalaa
  10. africantwi$ted

    [email protected]

    Havent seen you once on sof, something telling me youre a typical egy tryin to get in while have been refused.
  11. africantwi$ted

    David @Join 3D

    Pure crack in a bowl with heroin
  12. africantwi$ted

    My application

    Looking good as it is now, i gotta see u ingame to have my thoughts, but for now ill wish u goodluck & seeya ingame.
  13. africantwi$ted

    My application

    Its hard to believe that your telling the truth, because your english isnt as well as someone from the united kingdom, i could be wrong but theres something thats telling me that youre an banned/kicked egy trying to come in again or trying to get in but already has been refused.
  14. africantwi$ted

    bAr|za Want To Join Again

    Rofl, Chinese handicap
  15. africantwi$ted

    bAr|za Want To Join Again

    i just think u a crackfuck and i am stoned as fuck. yes you janto
  16. africantwi$ted

    Applications (old topic)

    Counts as a trio job janto, keep it calm...
  17. africantwi$ted

    Applications (old topic)

    Youre just hiding it by saying this meathead
  18. africantwi$ted

    Applications (old topic)

    Janno needs a wife on sof to complete his daily routine, reason why he accepted you. 
  19. africantwi$ted


  20. africantwi$ted

    Applications (old topic)

    Damn whole bible about making a application, well got job janto.