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  1. Oden

    Demon's Application @88

    Good luck
  2. Oden

    Demon's Application (Professional Nerd)

  3. Oden

    Otaca @Join

    reason of kick is applying for 3D, and hide his rank
  4. Oden

    Otaca @Join

    yes i think
  5. Oden

    Otaca @Join

  6. Oden

    Otaca @Join

    as i said he's just a liar, he is hiding his rank, and can get it back again anytime he want. Just remove his apply, this is bullshit otaca.. lol
  7. Oden

    Otaca @Join

    i suggest to remove his application, he's a liar, he never left aT he just hidden his rank on aT site.
  8. Oden

    @cap10boss hope join

    good luck!
  9. Oden

    Promotions/Demotions of Sept

    Gratz guys
  10. Oden

    Jorden @ Application

  11. Oden

    win 10 problem

    هي حصلت معايا قبل كدة وطلع في الاخر ان كرت الشاشة مش متعرف
  12. Oden

    [email protected]

  13. Oden

    walker @ join

    Good Luck!!
  14. Oden

    Kiitostar @again (Y)

  15. Oden

    OpenFace ok or no ? : A film by Welpz

    I like it :D
  16. Oden

    Splash's re-apply:)

    Good Luck :)
  17. Oden


  18. Oden


    Good Luck <3 :)
  19. Oden

    RoNoO @ aplly

  20. Oden

    RoNoO @ aplly