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    Demo's Needed

    Gotcha homie!
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    Demo's Needed

    Yeah, version 2.
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    Demo's Needed

    I have a tool that could help! Take a look here: https://forums.3d-sof2.com/threads/cinematic-videos.4531/ (this is just a sample of tons of features you could do, the quality can be improved too)
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    New mapcycle & entity system

    We needed this a long time ago! Great job anyway!
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    Custom maps

    woah, it looks so damn interesting! I want to try it now!!
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    Custom maps

    I'm pretty sure every single custom map (including swimmingpool) is in this link
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    Custom maps

    uk_pool toyz Bigfreakinhouse mp_crazyxmas (oh man, I remember this map remained in the mapcycle for a week before and after the Christmas of 2016-7, it was so fun!) Download link of these maps and even more: https://www.mediafire.com/file/1czhyc61zhgoxqa/alle_leuke_mappen.rar/file
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    we want a solution on this, come admins to hear that

    I bet it's an admin who is trying to be a clown by renaming himself to other admins in order to achieve comedy.
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    Cool Custom Commands

    Woah, this is creative and quite useful! Good job and keep it up! ;)
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    Free Game Deals

    Epic Games has become super generous this year lol
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    first editting tutorial

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    Roelof APPLY 3D

    Impressive application, wish you best of luck!
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    We are banning fairplay

    Wise decision :)
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    Rename JamaL to AjaX on forum

    or this
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    Hello guys I want anyone can help me because sof2 :)

    just change the folder's name to english.