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    sparty @ application

    gl sir sparty :D
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    bravee @ applications

    shepard -att1x LOL @Liberty look here mate
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    bravee @ applications

    was sadmin in at LOL thats not reason to belive you cuz at give admin for free (s-admin there like clan here Lol )
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    bravee @ applications

    Stop telling Admins to write for you goodluck in ur application
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    map inf

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    Otaca @Join

    gl bro
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    .The MOvE. @apply

    Always insult me
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    [email protected]

    gl bro
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    thanks guys
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    Thanks a lot bro
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    Personal information: Name: Mostafa Age: 17 Sof information: Current Sof name:`Scowy. Old Sof name(s): none General information: When did you started to play Sof? 2012 When did you became active in 3D? from 2-3 weeks Were you admin in any other H&S server before? I was in aT for 3-4 years...
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    john cena again :(

    gl bro
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    Shepard @ Join

    that's like words you have written it in your application in at lol in any server do you want to join it said: that's the best server in game,world .in the planet in the galaxy hhhh this is the words Why do you want to join us?: iwant to accept or join becaus this server my best server when i...
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    [email protected]

    Personal Information Name:Mostafa Age:17 Sof Information: Sof2 name:Scowy When did you start to Play:?2012 Were you admin in any other H&S server before?Yes I was Member in AT For 3 Years How Long Do you Average Play in server?(Daily):2-6 Hours Why Do You Want To Join Us?:I hope to join...
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    map mp_kam2 h&s

    yes i know lol :)