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    Overpowered tools source in python

    I made it into an API if anyone is interested sof2-ent-map-tools you can create pretty much any entity with this like a floor full of boosters which you couldn’t do with the old tools Also because there are no fixed properties now you can pretty much add any key you want (like target...
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    Overpowered tools source in python

    nice! you are so prepared :} Sounds good! If you are having trouble feel free to ask me anything. Although it should be pretty straight forward, if I recall correctly I didn't use any frameworks or even libraries outside the integrated ones on the website version simple HTML/JS/CSS files with...
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    Overpowered tools source in python

    Hi guys, long time no see :) I recently wiped my computer clean and lost all the source code for the map making tools I had made, going back to the domain it seems like it broke... I asked my supplier to recover the data and they said its too late and my VPS no longer exists... so I recreated...
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    VPN Autoban

    That's pretty neat! There isn't a free plan for the use of this API is there? For testing purposes
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    Better viewpos coordinates

    it definitly helps for some models thx for sharing from my experience though, some models are made uncentered from scratch so it doesnt really matter especially if you are talking about a map pre-created object good to hear from you :)
  6. K .ENT tools - basic guide

    I just checked and the domain works fine, If you are having other troubles feel free to narrow the questions down and try asking again. thx steph ^^ thx
  7. K .ENT tools - basic guide

    I contacted GoDaddy and asked if they can move my domain to a new account if the answer will be negative I'll let you know :) appreciate the suggestion
  8. K .ENT tools - basic guide

    I'm working for a company that builds websites for clients, so I have a GoDaddy account there (as long as I work there) with unlimited domain names I used one for myself but as soon as I'll leave there they will deactivate all personal domains (which I'm supposed to use for testing) and in a few...
  9. K .ENT tools - basic guide

    thanks splashie :), you have a big part in this too ^^ thx for all the testings! you should still translate or make a new one in Arabic though! it will probably benefit even more people.
  10. K .ENT tools - basic guide

    Thanks, and I thank you for the help ;) Thanks man
  11. K .ENT tools - basic guide

    Overpow .Ent Generator Tutorial Hello everyone, Lately some of you started asking me in-game to explain how these tools work, I realized its a bit complicated and there is no real "Tutorial" about them.. I will do my best to explain (though I'm not known as being good explaining stuff...). just...
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    [OFFICIAL] Map .ent helping website!

    Thanks guys appreciate it :) im also working on another tool to make a 3d box, got a little stuck but ill be fine ;]
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    [OFFICIAL] Map .ent helping website!

    Another small update, I decided to move to v1.3.0, I think this is a stable, finished released. Obviously if you find any bugs report them to me here or e-mail: [email protected] Tutorial is still up HERE, on the desktop app you can access the tutorials in "How-To" section. UPDATE: August...
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    Map editing tool

    Sure thing! would really help me if you test for any bugs I know the site is down atm, ill upload it to github pages and post it again
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    Map editing tool

    thanks for the suggestion man :) and no answer is stupid, especially when the question isnt clear... I'm pretty sure the "==" operator is comparing equality (simmilar to "equals()" function) while = is for assigning a value into a variable and what I meant there is to assign the value of x2 into...