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    Hello, I'm Sorry All

    go prv pm i want talk with you in somethings
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    Hello, I'm Sorry All

    forgive him guys.. hhhhh
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    John|[email protected] want join again becuse iam active * again

    Nah he didnt telling me anything and you want him reject ..? you hate all ppl
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    Voldemort @ Apply

    good google translator
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    Voldemort @ Apply

    good translator
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    Voldemort @ Apply

    He from your relative, first time he did him self application second time you did to him !
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    Voldemort @ Apply

    hey zigzag kakashi did this application brittany..
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    RoNoO @ join !!!

    goodluck :)
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    Spider man want to join

    oh , laden riddick
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    [email protected]

    Hey samo or sezar :)
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    RSL # [email protected] want join again

    fuck you too , i know who did that dont liar
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    RSL # [email protected] want join again

    xaviera did this application badluck..
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    New How doing edit

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    KaZnOfA @ Join

    Always you play with teamming , wh too