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    Google translate
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    Servers for 3D Editors

    How much money you take for opening server ??
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    Nelson Apply

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    New How doing edit

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    Hey @Nektor your English is more shit then me XD.Try to improve yourself in English
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    And we can get b admins with you please
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    -=H&S1Pro-= @apply

    Get him wh in net café today
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    Promotions september 2019

    Congratulations longy b4a
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    how to edit serverNV Mod

    You can do your map with NV and back send to me to do it with codes
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    Riviera @ Application

    I don't put care about you hate me that for your self not for me and if you don't put care why even said comments here and shut up down left right look down put your head in your ass tell me what happened at end please
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    Riviera @ Application

    because i know him as well out game and please stop said to everyone kid's because your kid also
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    Riviera @ Application

    Can't be his brother ??
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    Zaptore @ join

    Just proof to us you have been good person and we can open poll for you play clear and try speak English well you can try after 2 month from now
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    Zaptore @ join

    Special wh here